Auspro security

Video and audio intercoms

Hearing is good. Seeing is safer. Taking an unmistakable close look beats asking “who is it?” every time. A video surveillance system provides a significant gain in terms of both security and convenience over conventional intercom systems. And all with the added bonus of the outstanding installation and design versatility offered by Siedle systems.
Classical with a receiver or as a hands free unit, mounted on the wall or table, as a standard model or with deluxe functions in a metal, wood or paintwork finish – the choice is yours.
Hearing, speech, door release – the classical intercom system forms the basis of all door communication. At Siedle, this basis offers a starting point for expansion and upgrading. Four design lines and countless style variants address every conceivable requirement and personal preference.

Why not pick up a door call on your telephone, mobile or PC? Interfaces create transition points to the telephone system, the PC network or the intelligent home.
Vital for barrier-free access: the status display. This provides the hard of hearing with clear feedback from the intercom.

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