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Structure & Smart Wiring

Structured Wiring is simply an advanced wiring system roughed into your new home that allows the homeowner to take advantage of new technologies and services that are available now and in the future. Examples of this are home office, high speed Internet via telephone company or cable provider. Video on demand services, Digital cable and high definition satellite and cable TV as well as in home CCTV cameras and many automation and security features. The structured wiring system sets the stage for you to share a single Internet, telephone, or digital cable TV connection with multiple computers, Televisions and peripherals all at no extra charges from the service provider. You can also choose wiring upgrades such as home theatre and whole house music to complete the integration. It is worth noting that only a few years previously, virtually no new home had these capabilities and many current homes will need to undergo costly retrofits in order to take advantage of the present and future conveniences.

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